Disclaimer of Liability

The Parliamentary Administration informs the public on the Website of the Austrian Parliament about parliamentary activities and the services provided by the Parliamentary Administration and provides free access to all parliamentary documentation. The editorial contributions and photographs published on this website are protected by copyright, and all rights are reserved. Reproduction for non-commercial purposes is permitted on condition that the source is stated. Photographs published in the Photo Gallery are subject to special conditions.

Utmost care has been taken to make this information available rapidly, truthfully and correctly.

Please note:

The Parliamentary Administration will, as a matter of principle, not be liable for the correctness, completeness and timeliness of the contents it makes available. However, this disclaimer of liability does not cover the parliamentary documents made available by way of the electronic legislative procedure. In respect of these, the correctness and completeness of the contents is guaranteed unless the document in question bears a notice stipulating the exclusion of liability or indicating departures from the original.

The website of the Austrian Parliament occasionally refers to external websites. The Parliamentary Administration has no control whatsoever over the contents and form of linked websites, does not appropriate for itself the intellectual and creative achievements presented on them and excludes any liability for the correctness of their contents. In this context it should also be noted that the Parliamentary Library, in particular, has, in compliance with its duty to provide extensive information, rounded off its internet presence by establishing various links with external computers. This does not automatically mean that the Library identifies itself with the contents of these sites. In view of the frequent changes on some internet sites the Parliamentary Library also does not assume any liability whatsoever for the contents of external sites.

Use of Photographs

The Austrian Parliament features on its website current and historical photographs descriptive of the Austrian Parliament and its activities. It has acquired from the authors all rights of use of copyrighted photographs bearing the inscription Copyright Parliamentary Administration (Parlamentsdirektion) and the name of the photographer. Accordingly, only photographs made available with the designation Copyright Parliamentary Administration/Name of photographer can be downloaded free of charge for purposes of political reporting, on condition that the copyright holder is named, and used for

  • publication in the press
  • publication in printed media
  • publication by film or television and
  • online or multimedia publication.

This holds also in respect of private non-commercial use as well as non-commercial use in the context of political education. Any commercial use exceeding the limits stipulated above, and in particular the use for advertising, is not permitted.

Also prohibited is any form of processing, remodelling or manipulation – other than colour correction, downsizing or the presentation of cutouts - of the digital pictures made available on the website of the Austrian Parliament, as well as the presentation of photographs downloaded from the Parliament’s website in a misleading or distorted context. For the rest, all requirements of copyright must be respected.

Biographies of Members of Parliament

Biographies from 1945 onwards are based in form and content on information obtained from the Members themselves. The Parliamentary Administration lacks resources that would permit it to check their statements.

Ready accessibility

The Parliamentary Administration endeavours to ensure that its internet presence can be used without hindrance by all those interested in its contents. It complies with WAI Guidelines of categories A and AA, and partly also AAA. As far as possible it refrains from using technologies that would render the use of our site difficult or impossible. Where this cannot be achieved, we try to offer alternatives to make sure that nobody is excluded from getting the desired information. We are constantly trying to make improvements and shall be grateful for your suggestions under