The Budget Hall

As indicated by its current name, this hall is for the most part used for the deliberations of the Finance, Budget, Main and Court of Audit Committees of the National Council. In addition, it is also made available to investigating committees, conferences and symposia. Along the right-hand short side of the hall, room is left for interpreters’ booths required for international conferences.

Originally, this hall was to serve both Houses of the former Reichsrat as ceremonial hall and for the meetings of delegations of the kingdoms and lands represented in the Reichsrat (Cisleithania) and the lands of the Kingdom of Hungary (Transleithania) in the Dual Monarchy. In keeping with this function, the coffered stucco ceiling in Renaissance style still bears the coats of arms of the seventeen kingdoms and lands represented in the Imperial Council. The two bronze chandeliers designed by Theophil Hansen bear 30 lamps each and are the largest in the building. Originally designed as gaslights, they were electrified only later.