Committee Rooms

Apart from the large meeting halls the Parliament Building also accommodates several rooms available to the committees and sub-committees of both houses. In fact, there are eight Committee Rooms, only half of which are still largely in their original state.

Rooms II and III, for instance, still feature the original ceilings built according to plans by Theophil Hansen. Rooms I and IV are also partially intact, though some repairs had to be made in the course of time.

The chandeliers in the committee rooms, still in their original condition, were manufactured for the Parliament Building by a specialised firm in Bohemia.

Like many other parts of the building, some committee rooms were badly “scarred” during the Second World War. Thus, Rooms IV, V, VII and VIII had to be entirely rebuilt. Whether a committee room is still in its original state or a reconstruction of the former is proved by one detail: unlike the “new” ones, the “original” rooms still have painted scagliola decorations.

By its official name, Room I is just a “normal“ committee room. However, it is now customarily used for the deliberations of members of the Federal Government and is often referred to as the “Council of Ministers Room”.

Twice a year these rooms are made available for exhibitions of the works of artists who live in Austria and have a decisive influence on contemporary art.