Plenary Sittings of the National and Federal Councils

Sittings of the National and Federal Councils are in principle open to visitors interested in attending.

Following the latest regulation of the Austrian Federal Government and in order to minimize the risk of being infected with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) it is not possible to attend Plenary Sittings at the moment. We kindly ask for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any further questions, please contact our Visitor Service.

You can follow every Plenary sitting on Livestream or Austrian Television.

Unterpunkte anzeigen Tickets and Entrance

Tickets for National Council and Federal Council sittings can be obtained free of charge at the Main Entrance at Josefsplatz. Please note that an official photo ID must be presented.

Normally there will be seated accommodation for individual visitors, even without advance reservation. Reservation is, however, required for groups of more than five persons.

In principle, attendance at sittings should be limited to one hour to allow a maximum of visitors to take part in the sittings.

Please understand that reserving tickets will ensure that you gain access but not necessarily that you will find vacant seats.

Unterpunkte anzeigen Reservations and Information

Groups may make advance reservations for attendance at a plenary sitting with Services for Citizens Department (Visitor Service), where they can pick up their tickets upon arrival:

by e-mail:

by phone: +43 1 401 10-2400 (visitors' gallery and visits of the building)

Please address further questions to the Services for Citizens Department in the Parliament Building:

by e-mail:
by phone: +43 1 401 10-2400

Visitors of National Council and Federal Council sittings are admitted through the Main Entrance at Josefsplatz.

Unterpunkte anzeigen Security Clearance

For security reasons visitors have to pass bags, briefcases, coats etc. through scanners in the entrance area and will be checked by means of metal detector frames and hand-held detectors.

Since security checks may take some time, there may be some delays in admission. Please leave all objects that might cause problems, including umbrellas, pocket knives, binoculars or handbills, in the cloakroom. Suitcases, backpacks and larger parcels cannot be taken into the building and stored on account of the limited space available.

Unterpunkte anzeigen Special Notice

Persons with physical disadvantages can attend debates without problems, since the meeting halls provide space for wheelchairs as well as an audio system for hearing-impaired visitors.

Visitors with impaired mobility (wheelchair users) should be accompanied so that they can be evacuated via the stairs in emergencies, since lifts must not be used in case of fire.

If wheelchair users cannot be accompanied by persons of their choice, the Security Department can make such aides available to them. In such a case, registration three working days in advance is essential.

Sound and video recordings of sittings of the National and Federal Councils are not allowed. Cameras and recording equipment must be left in the cloakroom.

It goes without saying that mobile phones must not be used in the meeting halls.

Unterpunkte anzeigen Agendas (in German only)