Registration & Information

Here is some useful advice to make your visit to the Parliament building a pleasant experience.

Unterpunkte anzeigen Tickets

Tickets for all tours offered by the Parliamentary Administration can be obtained at two locations: "Infopoint Platz.Mit.Bestimmung" at the Heldenplatz and at the main entrance on Josefsplatz. All tours are free of charge.

Unterpunkte anzeigen Information and Registration

The staff of the Visitor Service is available for information and registration Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

At other time messages may be left on an answering machine. Please be sure to leave your name and phone number so we can call you back.

Parlamentsdirektion (Parliamentary Administration)
5.1 - Democracy Education
Dr. Karl Renner-Ring 3
A-1017 Vienna

Phone: +43 1 401 10-2400
Fax: +43 1 401 10-2466

Unterpunkte anzeigen Cancellations and Changes of Date

Groups that have booked a tour are requested in their own interest to attend punctually at the appointed time to avoid cancellation of their tour on organisational grounds. Furthermore, the Parliamentary Administration reserves the right to cancel booked tours on short notice, or move them to another time or date, as required by parliamentary business. Please understand that occasionally some individual rooms may be temporarily closed to tour participants.

Unterpunkte anzeigen Cancellation of Booked Tours on the Part of Bookers

Booked tours can be cancelled up to two days in advance of the arranged date by:

Phone: +43 1 401 10-2400
Fax: +43 1 401 10-2466

Cancellation at a later time entails payment of a cancellation fee of 40 Euros.

Unterpunkte anzeigen Photography, Video Recordings

Visitors may take individual photos of the halls and of architectural details in the course of the tour other than for commercial purposes. For security reasons video recordings are not allowed.

Unterpunkte anzeigen Handicapped Accessible

Most parts of the building open to public visits and the area around the building are freely accessible to physically disadvantaged visitors. Visually disadvantaged or blind visitors may take their seeing-eye dogs into the building and on guided tours.

Unterpunkte anzeigen Cloakroom

Attended cloakroom facilities for individual visitors and groups are available free of charge at the main entrance on Josefsplatz.

Unterpunkte anzeigen Security

Visitors and their bags are checked upon entry into the building by means of metal detectors and hand-held scanners. This procedure may take some time, in particular in the case of larger groups. After being checked by the security staff, you will have the possibility to deposit your belongings in boxes.

Unterpunkte anzeigen Visitor Center and Service Facilities

The Parliament Shop located at the three locations "Infopoint Bau.Stelle", "Infopoint Platz.Mit.Bestimmung" and Josefsplatz offers a variety of products ranging from hand-made chocolates with Parliament-adorned wrappings and elegant cappuccino cups to multicoloured notebooks. The product design is inspired by motives and close-ups of details of the Parliament building.

Unterpunkte anzeigen Public Transport

Haupteingang Josefsplatz (Main entrance)

Beginning of guided tours


U1, U2, U4: Station Karlsplatz - Direction Oper
U3: Station Herrengasse


Line 1, 2, 71, D: Stop Kärntnerring Oper


Line 2A: Stop Albertinaplatz

Infopoint Bau.Stelle and Infopoint Platz.Mit.Bestimmung Heldenplatz


U2, U3: Station Volkstheater - Direction Ring-Parlament


Line 1, 2, 71, D, 46, 49: Stop Dr. Karl Renner Ring


Line 48A: Stop Dr. Karl Renner Ring