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What is Parliament?

Parliament is the very centre of any form of democracy. In it, the interests of the greatest possible number of citizens should be represented. They all can vote for individuals who represent them in Parliament. In Austria, Parliament has two chambers – the National and Federal Councils. (Art. 24 B-VG)

The Tasks of Parliament

Seeking solutions, adopting laws, keeping tabs on the government. Parliament approves taxes and budgets and is much more powerful than many people think. More

Who Works in Parliament?

Democracy is precious but means a lot of work – work not only on the part of Members of Parliament and their assistants but also by the Presidents of the National and Federal Councils, the Parliamentary Groups and the staff of the Parliamentary Administration. More

How Are Parliaments Formed?

Quite simply: Whoever votes in general elections helps to decide who is going to have a say in politics in the next few years. After each election parliamentary seats are redistributed. The more powerful part of Parliament is the National Council, which is elected directly by popular vote. Not so the second chamber, the Federal Council. More