Draft Agenda of the Presidential Troika Meeting Constituent meeting / First meeting of the JPSG working group on the participation of Denmark in JPSG meetings

25 September 2018 (8h30 - 9h30)

European Parliament, Brussels


    • Claude MORAES, Chair of the European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs and head of the EP delegation to the JPSG;
    • Angela LUEGER, Chair of the Committee on Internal Affairs of the Austrian National Council;
    • Tsvetan TSVETANOV, Chairman of the Committee of Internal Security and Public Order in the National Assembly of Bulgaria and head of the Bulgarian delegation to the JPSG
    • Oana-Consuela FLOREA, Member of the Chamber of Deputies, Joint Standing Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate for the exercise of parliamentary control over the activity of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI); and Mr. Iulian-Claudiu MANDA, Chair Standing Committee of the Romanian Senate and Chamber of Deputies for Parliamentary Oversight of the SRI Activity.
    • Finn SøRENSEN and Rasmus NORDQVIST on behalf of the Danish parliament;

    Draft Agenda:

    1. Opening remarks by the Co-Chairs
    2. Establishment of a JPSG Working Group on Denmark’s participation in JPSG meetings
    3. Exchange of views
    4. Conclusions
    5. Any other Business
    6. Next Working Group meeting (24 or 25 February 2019, Bucharest)