Melita H. Sunjic

Dr. Melita H. Sunjic studied communication and political science in Vienna. She started her career as a journalist in Vienna with the “Wiener Zeitung” the world’s oldest newspaper where she was editor and later head of the Foreign Desk.

In 1993 she switched sides and took up the job of spokesperson with the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) where she stayed for 25 years in various communications functions. During that time, she worked in all major crises, including the Balkans, Pakistan/Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Angola, Georgia, South Sudan and the Middle East.

In the past years she has specialized on information campaigns targeting refugees, which includes working with illiterate target audiences, populations on the move etc. Before retiring in 2018, she was heading UNHCR’s new Communicating with Communities Unit.

Recently, Melita Sunjic started launched a communication agency called Transcultural Communication, which advises governments and international organizations in the development of campaigns for refugees and migrants.

In her academic capacity she is regularly teaching courses on strategic communication at the Vienna University, Media and Communications Department.