Born on 14 September 1949

Veterinary doctor

Veterinary of the equestrian sports team of France (1974-1979)

Mayor (1983-2004 and 2007-2014) and Deputy Mayor (2004-2007) of Rambouillet

Elected regional representative of Ile de France

President of the Yvelines union of mayors (1995-2004)

President of the French Hospital federation (FHF) (1997-2004)

National secretary of RPR political party, in charge of labour relations (2000-2001)

Deputy Minister for labour relations, then for Employment, labour and occupational integration of young people (2005-2007)

Yvelines Senator (1986-2004 and since 2007)

Vice-president of the Senate (1997-2001)

Chairman of the committee on economic affairs of the Senate (2001-2004)

President of the Senate (2008-2011)

Political advisor of UMP political party (2011-2014)

Chairman of the board of directors of the royal estate of Chambord (2012-2014)

Chairman of the Health and innovation Club

President of the Senate (since 2014)