Nikolaos Voutsis

Nikos Voutsis was born in Athens in 1951. His place of origin is the town of Tegea in Arcadia prefecture.

He is married to Angeliki Papazoglou and has three children.

Graduated from the Athens University Experimental School (Class of ’69).Graduated from the Civil Engineer School of the National Technical University of Athens (1970-1975).

Worked as freelance Civil Engineer ( 1975-2010).

Speaks German.

In the frame of his political-social activities, he dynamically participated in the mass anti-junta student movement ( 1972-1974) as a member of student committees and ,in the years that followed, joined and actively participated in political groupings and parties of the radical left. He vice-chaired the first Central Council of the National Student Union of Greece in 1975 after the restitution of democracy.

A member of the Communist Party of Greece – Interior and Secretary of the Central Council of its Student Organization (ΕΚΟΝ Rigas Feraios) (1980 – 1985).

Elected MP of SYRIZA (Coalition of Radical Left) in the 1st Constituency of Athens in the elections of May and June 2012.

Secretary of the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA (June 2012 – December 2014).

Re-elected in the January and September 2015 elections.

From January to August 2015 he served as Minister of Interior and Administrative Reform.

He has been the President of the Hellenic Parliament since October 2015.