Rules for the Information on and the Handling of Bills, Documents, Reports, Information and Communications within the framework of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM Information Rules)

2nd Annex to the Federal Law on the Rules of Procedure of the Austrian National Council of 1975 Promulgations: BGBl. (Federal Law Gazette) I No. 66/2012 as amended by BGBl. I No. 99/2014

§ 1
Immediate Information on ESM Matters
§ 2
Subsequent Information on ESM Matters
§ 3
Written Information
§ 4
Formal Data
§ 5
Copying and Distribuion
§ 6
Reports under Art. 50c (3) B-VG
§ 7
Distribution to Persons nominated by Parliamentary Groups
§ 8
Keeping Confidentiality
§ 9
Subsequent Publication