Rules of Procedure of the Austrian Federal Council


BGBl. [Federal Law Gazette] No. 361/1988 as amended by BGBl. No. 191/1989, BGBl. No. 837/1993, BGBl. No. 50/1996, BGBl. I No. 65/1997, BGBl. I No. 84/1999, BGBl. I No. 192/1999, BGBl. I No. 154/2009, BGBl. I No. 27/2010, BGBl. I No. 41/2010, BGBl. I No. 141/2011 and BGBl. I No. 53/2015

VI. Parliamentary Hearings

Decision to Hold a Parliamentary Hearing

§ 66.  (1) On the basis of a private Member’s motion or a committee motion, the Federal Council may decide to hold a parliamentary hearing (i.e. to solicit written statements and to hear experts and other informants) on matters within the jurisdiction of the Federal Council. Said hearing shall have the purpose of providing information to the Members; no decisions shall be taken.
(2) The motion to hold a parliamentary hearing shall at a minimum contain indications of the subject matter, the participants desired to be present, and the proposed day of the hearing.
(3) Hearings shall be open to the media unless the Federal Council decides otherwise when taking the decision to hold the hearing. If the Federal Council so decides and sufficient room is available, the general public shall be given access once the space requirements of the media are met.

Procedural Provisions regarding Parliamentary Hearings

§ 67. (1) Unless the Federal Council decides otherwise upon the President's proposal, the hearing shall be chaired by the President of the Federal Council. The hearing shall be open to all persons entitled to be present at the sittings of committees of the Federal Council.
(2) Furthermore, the provisions of § 47 (1), (2) and (4), §§ 48 and 68 to 70 shall apply, mutatis mutandis, to the debate, factual corrections as well as the call to speak to the point and the call to order. If necessary the President may limit speaking time to not less than five minutes.
(3) Stenographic records shall be made of the deliberations and published in printed form. The President of the Federal Council shall rule on any other publications regarding the parliamentary hearing.
(4) Experts or other informants invited to make an oral statement within the framework of the hearing and who have to travel for this purpose from their place of residence or work to the seat of the Federal Council shall be entitled to reimbursement of their costs. In such cases the provisions governing travel expenses of federal civil servants shall be applied mutatis mutandis.