In October 2015 the Visitor Center of the state of Israel proposed the establishment of a professional forum of visitor centers in parliaments throughout the world. The objective of the Forum is to foster professional co­opera­tion among parliament visitor centers and to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience. The Forum may focus on issues such as educational programs, tours, im­plementation of new technologies, exhibitions, access­ibility, social media and publications.

The first conference of the International Forum of Parliament Visitor Centers was held in 2017 in Washington D.C. The topic of this meeting was “Civic Engagement”. The participants were invited to share best practices and to foster dialogue on this topic.

In 2018 the Forum was hosted by the European Par­li­a­ment in Brussels under the theme “Towards a com­pre­hen­sive visitor’s strategy”. The conference focused on new trends in visitor’s services.

The International Forum of Parliament Visitor Centers 2019 was held at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna from 22 to 24 May. During the conference, titled "Innovation Lab 4 Democracy", 80 representatives of 35 different countries got introduced to Service Design/Design Thinking methods. Professor Birgit Mager who holds the first European professorship for “Service Design” at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne gave an input on the subject with special emphasis on the public sector. During the three-day event the application of these methods was discussed with a special focus on evaluating existing services and creating new and innovative initiatives for visitor centers.