Open House | 26 October 2019

As part of the National Day celebrations on October 26th, the Austrian Parliament opened its doors in the DemocracyQuarter.

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Every year on the National Day of October 26th, the Austrian Parliament invites visitors to an Open House. As the historic Parliament building on the Ringstrasse is undergoing a major renovation, Members of Parliament and staff are currently working in the DemocracyQuarter.
The Open House day offers the opportunity to get to know the Parliament in the Hofburg and its new locations. This year, the focus will be on the theme of "Europe" in commemoration of the fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago.

Visitors can expect a diverse Programme.

Main Entrance at Josefsplatz | Plenary Session Hall of the National Council and the Federal Council:
You can visit the rooms and historic halls adapted for the operation of the Parliament and have the opportunity to talk to Members of Parliament from all political parties.
Additional offers: Photo opportunity at the Speaker's Desk in the Grosse Redoutensaal & visit to the offices of the President of the National Council and the President of the Federal Council.
The current exhibition "Moving Moments - The End of the Division of Europe" is presented in the Gardesalon and at Heldenplatz. The "House of the European Union" will be represented with an information stand.

Info Point Platz.Mit.Bestimmung | Burg Pavilion:
At Heldenplatz, two wooden pavilions serve as interim locations for the offices of the Parliamentary Administration while the historic Parliament building is being renovated: the Burg Pavilion and the Ring Pavilion. In the Burg Pavilion, the Info Point Platz.Mit.Bestimmung invites you with information about democracy and parliamentarism in Austria.

Exhibition "Moving Moments - The End of the Division of Europe"
Between the two pavilions is Parliament's exhibition on "Moving Moments - The End of the Division of Europe". Thirty years ago, the communist regimes in Eastern Europe were overthrown and the fall of the Iron Curtain ended the division of the continent. The exhibition illuminates these transitional processes.

Demokratiewerkstatt (Democracy Workshop) | Ring Pavilion:
Children and young people between 8 to 14 years old are introduced to democracy and parliamentarianism. On the Open House day, the Ring Pavilion will host a game on the theme of "Parliament: Austria and Europe". In front of the Ring Pavilion, there will be a photo point and an interview corner; mobile film workshops invite young "Speedy Reporters" to participate. Come by!

Palais Epstein on the Ring:
The Parliamentary Library celebrates its 150th anniversary this year; on the ground floor, employees provide information about their work. The staterooms in the Bel Étage of the Palais can also be visited, where employees of the National Fund of the Republic of Austria share insights into their activities.

Info Point Bau.Stelle on the Ring:
In front of the historical Parliament building, you will find the Info Point Bau.Stelle directly on the Ringstraße. There you can inform yourself about the background of the necessary renovation and learn details about the planning.