Every year on 26th October, the Austrian Parliament opens its doors and welcomes visitors as part of the annual National Day Celebrations.

For the time of the Parliament's major renovation, parliamentary business has been moved to different locations that form a coherent area: the DemocracyQuarter.

A diverse programme awaits visitors at the following locations:


Main entrance, Josefsplatz: Plenary Hall of the National Council and Federal Council

Visit the plenary hall and the historic halls and rooms in the Hofburg which have been adapted for the Parliament. Furthermore, seize the opportunity to get in contact with and talk to Members of Parliament from all political parties.

Additional activities and offers: Have your photo taken in the plenary hall and visit the offices of the President of the National Council and the President of the Federal Council.

Infopoint Platz.Mit.Bestimmung | Pavillon Burg:

On Heldenplatz, two wooden pavilions serve as interim locations for the offices of the Parliamentary Administration while the historic Parliament building is being renovated. The Infopoint, accommodated on the Burg Pavilion’s ground floor, provides interactive information on democracy and the parliamentary system.

Don´t miss the temporary outdoor exhibitions located on Heldenplatz between the two pavilions, dedicated to alternating topics such as the foundation of the Austrian republic, the history of parliamentarism, women`s suffrage.

Palais Epstein:

Visit Palais Epstein, the beautiful 19th century city mansion which nowadays houses the Parliamentary Library. See the reception hall with its richly adorned ceiling, the smoking room, the ladies’ boudoir – the sumptuously appointed rooms of the bel étage conjure up the past. A small exhibition contains finds from the time of the Second World War and the occupation years discovered when the building was restored.

Infopoint Bau.Stelle:

Interested in learning more about the renovation of the historic Parliament building? Stop by at the Info Point Bau.Stelle right in front of the building site which informs about the ongoing renovation, explains why the renovation is necessary and what the next stages of the project are.

Photo Album: Open House 2018