Youth and Parliament

The Austrian Parliament offers a wide range of activities and programmes specially developed for children, young adults and apprentices. The aim is to convey the joy of political participation to the young citizens.

Democracy Workshop

The DemokratieWERKstatt (Democracy Workshop) has been established by the Austrian Parliament as an institution designed to familiarise young people in Austria with the basics of democracy, parliamentary life, media competence and the European Union in all its aspects. More

Web Portal DemokratieWEBstatt

Parliament's web portal for children and young adults from the age of 8 years upwards presents age-appropriate information concerning Parliament's functions and procedures. More

VIRTUAL Democracy Workshop

The VIRTUAL Democracy Workshop has been designed as a new kind of virtual space on the Austrian Parliament's Web Portal for children, young adults and anyone interested in discovering more about parliament, democracy or participation. More

Apprentices' Forum of the Democracy Workshop

The Democracy Workshop's Forum for Apprentices is open to groups of apprentices from all over Austria. More

Youth Parliament and Apprentices' Parliament

The Austrian Parliament invites young adults to participate in the Youth Parliament and the Apprentices' Parliament. More

Democracy in Motion

Under the heading "Democracy in Motion", the Parliament tours Austria and offers mobile educational programmes on democracy-related issues at Austrian schools. More