Margaretha Lupac Foundation

In her last will and testament Margaretha Lupac left her entire estate to the Austrian Parliament as an expression of her particular emotional attachment to the Republic of Austria. In 2001 a foundation was established in her memory. The Margaretha Lupac Foundation focuses on democracy, parliamentarianism and tolerance.

The Democracy Award

The Democracy Award of the Margaretha Lupac Foundation honours persons who have rendered particular services to parliamen­tarianism and democracy. The prize, which is endowed with a total of € 21.000,‑ has been awarded since 2004.

The Science Award

The Statutes of the Foundation also provide for the support of research activities devoted to the history and development of parliamentarianism in Austria. More

Who was Margaretha Lupac?

Born in Vienna in 1910, the daughter of a clerk who had come to Vienna from Moravia, worked during the Second World War as a Red Cross aide and was also engaged as a clerk in defence economy work. What turned this woman into an extraordinary patriot will be explained below. More

The Purpose of the Lupac Foundation

The Foundation dedicates itself to the promotion and strengthening of democracy, parliamentarianism and tolerance in the discourse on politics, the arts and social development. More

The Organs of the Foundation

The organs of the Foundation are in office for the duration of a legislative period. The Board of Trustees of the Foundation is composed of the Presidents of the National Council, the President of the Federal Council, Members of the National Council and leading personalities of public and cultural life and the sciences. More