The Democracy Award 2006 of the Margaretha Lupac Foundation for Parliamentarianism and Democracy went to Univ.-Prof. Dr. Joseph Marko. Marko, Professor at the Institute of Austrian, European and Comparative Law of Karl Franzens-Universität Graz and Director of the Institute for Minority Rights of the European Academy Bolzano, received the prize of EUR 15,000 in particular for his participation in the development of democracy and the rule of law in Bosnia-Herzegovina and his personal commitment to Southeastern Europe. From 1997 to 2001 he was one of three international judges of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina, where he played an important part as a multilingual mediator between the country’s three ethnic groups and the other external judges of the Court.

The decision to award the 2006 prize to Joseph Marko was unanimously taken by a jury chaired by ORF Director General Monika Lindner. Marko, who was selected from among 69 candidates, received the award on the occasion of a ceremony in held in the Parliament Building in Vienna.

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