The Democracy Award 2008 of the Margaretha Lupac Foundation for Parliamentariansm and Democracy, the third one in the history of the prize, was accorded to the "Europaschule" all-day primary school in the 20th district of Vienna and to the Muslim Austrian Initiative. The winners were selected by a jury from among 70 candidates.

The "Europaschule" is an extraordinarily well-structured primary school with a total of 16 forms (seven at Level I, nine at Level II) which emphasises social learning and inter-religious dialogue and practices bilingual instruction, which is of particular importance in the context of migration. Such projects as the establishment of a school council, social learning and peace education, an intercultural café and language courses for mothers with a migration background aim at raising democratic awareness. Partnerships with schools in Bratislava, Istanbul and Paris support these enduring local long-term projects.

"Do not talk about Muslims, talk with them“ is the motto of the Muslim Austrian Initiative, which was founded in 1999. The Initiative strives in particular to raise people’s awareness that one can be a Muslim and at the same time part of Austrian society. Especially noteworthy are the Initiative’s networking activities in civil society, specifically women’s projects, projects promoting integration through participation, and activities stimulating interest in participating in political and public life.

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