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The Democracy Award

The Democracy Award of the Margaretha Lupac Foundation is bestowed every other year, subject to the financial situation of the Foundation. The first award was made in 2004. It amounts to a total of € 15,000, which may be split between up to three winners. The award ceremony takes place in Parliament.

Democracy Award 2018

The Margaretha Lupac Foundation announces its eighth Democracy Award.

Eligible are persons or institutions that demonstrate through their work an exemplary civic engagement to promote democracy and parliamentarianism in Austria. This may, for instance, take the form of active participation or involvement in strengthening democracy and Parliament, the promotion of tolerance and social integration, as well as contributions to the strengthening of minority rights or gender democracy.

Applications must be submitted by 15 June 2018.

Please use the Application Form below. For further details, please refer to the Call for Submissions and the Submission Guidelines.

Democracy Award 2018 - Call for Submissions / PDF, 90 KB

Democracy Award 2018 - Submission Guidelines / PDF, 151 KB

Democracy Award 2018 - Application Form / PDF, 748 KB

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