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Unterstützung der Finanzstabilität Griechenlands (30767/EU XXIV.GP)

  • RAT: 9417/10
  • 07.05.2010
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EU-Vorlage Berichte u. Beratungsergebnisse

Rat A/I-Punkt-Vermerk

Financial Stability support to Greece:
- Draft Council Decision under Articles 126(9) and 136 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union addressed to Greece with a view to reinforcing and deepening the fiscal surveillance and giving notice to take measures for the deficit reduction judged necessary to remedy the situation of excessive deficit
- Conclusions of representatives of 27 European Union Member States, meeting within the Economic and Financial Committee on entrusting the Commission with the tasks in relation to the coordination and management of the stability support to Greece.

Eingelangt am 07.05.2010, Bundesministerium für Finanzen

Dokument der EU-Vorlage: RAT: 9417/10 

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