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Preparation of the Council ("Competitiveness") of 30 May 2017 Draft Council Conclusions on "A Space Strategy for Europe" - Adoption (142698/EU XXV.GP)

  • RAT: 8486/17 PUBLIC
  • 11.05.2017
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EU-Vorlage: U32 Offizielles Ratsdokument

Preparation of the Council ("Competitiveness") of 30 May 2017 Draft Council Conclusions on "A Space Strategy for Europe" - Adoption

Gruppe: Ausschuss der Ständigen Vertreter (AStV) - 1. Teil

betrifft Sitzung am 17.05.2017

Erstellt am 11.05.2017 von: EU 2020, Industrie, Weltraum, Forschung, Innovation

Eingelangt am 11.05.2017, U32 Übermittlung

Dokument der EU-Vorlage: RAT: 8486/17 / PDF, 81 KB

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10.05.2017 RAT: 8964/17 EUST Draft Council conclusions on the European Court of Auditors' Special Report No. 01/2017 entitled "More efforts needed to implement the Natura 2000 network to its full potential" - Adoption (142499/EU XXV.GP)
10.05.2017 RAT: 8887/17 EUST Recommendation for a Council decision authorising the opening of negotiation on agreements between the European Union and third countries laying down the terms and conditions for their participation in the Partnership for Research and Innovation in... (142461/EU XXV.GP)
11.05.2017 RAT: 8888/17 EUST Proposal for a Council Decision on the adoption of the 2016-2019 High Flux Reactor supplementary research programme to be implemented by the Joint Research Centre for the European Atomic Energy Community - Adoption (142629/EU XXV.GP)

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