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Einladung der Vorsitzenden

Treffen des Gemeinsamen Parlamen­tarischen Kontrollausschusses zu Europol

24. - 25. September, Europäisches Parlament

Brüssel, 30 Juli 2018

Dear Chair, dear Colleague,

We are pleased to invite you to the Third Meeting of the Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group on Europol on 24 and 25 September 2018 at the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels.

The meeting will tackle a number of concrete issues directly following from Article 51 of Regulation EU(2016)0794 (Europol Regulation) as well as a thematic debate on 'Europol's contribution to the fight against financial crime, asset recovery and money laundering'.

In view of the obligation, pursuant to Article 51 paragraph 2 point c) of the Europol Regulation, to consult the Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group in relation to Europol’s multiannual programming, we included this point in the draft agenda and enclose the document issued by Europol on 30 January 2018 that was already discussed at the Second JPSG Meeting on 18-19 March 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Your JPSG members are invited to send written comments on the Europol Multiannual Programming ahead of the meeting, where a second exchange of views on this matter is foreseen. The comments should be drafted in English or French and be addressed to the JPSG Secretariat1 by 29 August 2018.

Contact Details JPSG Secretariat:

LIBE Secretariat (jpsg.libesecretariat@europarl.europa.eu)

Bulgarian Presidency Parliament (s.tsvetkova@parliament.bg)

Austrian Presidency Parliament (christian.huetterer@natparl.ep.europa.eu and

Romanian Presidency Parliament (izabella.moldovan@natparl.ep.europa.eu; and

We would like to recall that your Parliament/Chamber can be represented by up to four Members in the JPSG (in the case of bicameral Parliaments each Chamber with up to two Members each). Members and their delegations will be asked to register, for the meeting, under the same procedure as for an Interparliamentary Committee Meeting.

Please find attached the draft agenda as agreed by the Presidential Troika of this Meeting.

Further practical details will be forwarded in due course to your Parliament's Services responsible for relations with the European Parliament.


Yours sincerely,

Co-Chair of the JPSG
Chair of the Committee on Civil Liberties,
Justice and Home Affairs

Co-Chair of the JPSG
Chair of the Committee on Internal
Affairs of the Austrian National Council