Terms of Use

Information on the use of the articles, images, sounds and video
recordings published on Parliament's website as well as information on
the disclaimer.

General Terms of Use

The Parliamentary Administration informs the public on the website of the Austrian Parliament about parliamentary activities and the services provided by the Parliamentary Administration and provides access to all parliamentary materials.

The editorial articles, photographs, audio and video recordings published on this website are protected by copyright. All rights are reserved unless otherwise stated below. Non-commercial use in any way is permitted on condition that the source is stated (rights holder, copyright holder).

Photographs and Film are subject of the special conditions below.

Texts and recordings originating from third parties and published on the website of the Austrian Parliament may only be used in compliance with the legal provisions (in particular on data protection, copyright and personal rights), unless further use is expressively permitted.

Irrespective of this, any third-party content rights must be clarified individually before any subsequent use. The Parliamentary Administration reserves the right to prohibit uses at any time in order to preserve the dignity of parliamentary bodies or for other justified reasons. In the event of a prohibition, the use must be stopped immediately, otherwise the Parliamentary Administration reserves the right to take further legal action.

Terms of use for photographs

The Austrian Parliament features on its website current and historical photographs of parliamentary affairs. It has acquired from the photographers all rights of use of copyrighted photographs bearing the inscription "Copyright Parliamentary Administration (Parlamentsdirektion)/name of photographer".

Only photographs made available with the designation "Copyright Parliamentary Administration/name of photographer" can be downloaded free of charge for purposes of political reporting, on condition that the copyright holder is named, and the photograph is used for

  • publication in the press
  • publication in printed media
  • publication by film or television or
  • online or multimedia publication

This also applies for private non-commercial use as well as for non-commercial purposes in the context of political education. Any commercial use exceeding the limits stipulated above, and in particular the use for advertising, requires payment. For further information please contact Department 4.1 - Press Office & Crossmedia.

Contact:  photo@parlament.gv.at, +43 1 401 10-2810, +43 676 8900 2810

Any form of processing, remodelling or manipulation – other than colour correction, downsizing or the presentation of cutouts - of the digital photographs made available on the website of the Austrian Parliament, as well as the presentation of photographs downloaded from the Parliament's website in a misleading or distorted context is prohibited. The requirements of the Austrian copyright Act must be complied with.

Please note that the actuality of the photograph description corresponds to the time the photograph was taken.

Terms of use for videos and podcasts

The Parliamentary Administration broadcasts the sessions of the National Council and the Federal Council live on the Internet and also offers other videos and podcasts in its mediathek. The rights of use to the videos and podcasts offered are held by the Parliamentary Administration, unless otherwise stated in the video or podcast description.

Videos may be used for the following political reporting purposes:

  • Press publications
  • Film and television publications
  • Online and multimedia publications

This also applies for private non-commercial purposes as well as for non-commercial purposes in the context of political education. Any further use for commercial purposes, in particular for advertising purposes, is not permitted.

The videos may not be reproduced in picture and/or sound in a context that distorts the meaning.

Any editing, redesign or manipulation of the images and/or sounds that goes beyond colour corrections, cropping and downsizing is not permitted and is only allowed with the prior written consent of the Austrian Parliament.

The recordings may not be distorted in image and/or sound or in any other form by conventional or electronic means.

The consent to the use of the visual material does not include the assurance that the persons depicted, the owners of the rights to depicted works or the owners of trademark and other property rights have given their consent to public reproduction. The user alone is responsible for obtaining the consent of third parties required in individual cases. He/she must observe the personal rights, copyrights, trademark rights and other protective rights of persons, works, objects or signs depicted. In the event of disregard of such rights, the user alone shall be liable for damages to any third parties.

When using the image and/or sound material of the National and Federal Council meetings, "© Parliament" must be indicated as the copyright. For all other videos created with external partners, the copyright "© Parlament/name of partner" must be indicated. This also applies to electronic publications such as internet presence.


The Parliamentary Administration takes the utmost care to provide information truthfully, swift and flawless. However, please note the following:

The Parliamentary Administration is neither responsible nor liable for the correctness, completeness and currentness of the information and documents provided on this website, as well as for any damages or disadvantages that may be caused by relying on them or by using them.

As far as possible and reasonable, parliamentary materials are ensured to be consistent with the original documents, regardless of the source (paper or electronic) – exceptions from this are documents with a disclaimer or reference to deviations from the original.

Opinions presented in the pre-parliamentary and parliamentary evaluation procedure do neither represent the opinion of the Parliamentary Administration nor does it have any influence on the opinions submitted; they are not checked for their correctness or their completeness by the Parliamentary Administration.

The Parliamentary Administration accepts no liability for the information given in opinions, for external information accessible through electronic references (hyperlinks), or for damage caused by clicking electronic references in the opinions. The submitters (natural persons or legal entities) are fully responsible for the information contained in the opinions and the electronic references (hyperlinks).

The Austrian Parliament's website also (electronically) refers to external websites. The Parliamentary Administration has no influence on the content and design of the linked websites, does not claim their intellectual and creative achievements as its own and accepts no liability whatsoever for the information and electronic references contained on these websites.