The Building and Guided Tours

The Parliament is not only the heart of political activity - the historic building breathes history and stories, art and noble architecture. Visitors can get a lively impression of how and where politicians are at work.

Guided Tours

Here you can find information about the various tours offered by the Parliament. Click below to find out more about registration and the languages the tours are provided in.

The DemocracyQuarter

For the time of the Parliament's major renovation, parliamentary business has been moved to different locations that form a coherent area: the DemocracyQuarter. Here you can find out more about the new sites. More

DemocracyQuarter - Guided Tours and Info Points / PDF, 1540 KB
DemocracyQuarter - General Plan / PDF, 478 KB

Attending Sittings

How do members of the National and Federal Councils work? What happens in the course of a National Council sitting? Get the answers by attending sittings.

Renovation of the Parliament

Significant work needs to be done to preserve the brilliance of the 130-year-old Parliament building and to ensure it can continue as a modern home for Austrian parliamentarism and democracy in the 21th century. More

The Architecture and History of the Parliament Building

The building is home to a wealth of history and a very special architecture. Rich artistic details fascinate its viewers. At the moment, the building is undergoing extensive renovation and will be closed to the public until further notice. More

Palais Epstein

A guided tour of Palais Epstein is a short but fascinating journey through 130 years of Austrian history. Here you can find out more about the Epstein family, the building's construction and the diverse uses it had in the past. More