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The Building and Guided Tours

Parliament is not only the very heart of political activity. The historic Parliament Building breathes history and stories, art and noble architecture. Visitors can get a lively impression of how and where politicians are at work – as guests watching the debates in the National and Federal Councils and in some committees, or through guided tours catering for diverse interests that give you insights into the special features of the Parliament Building and Palais Epstein.

Guided Tours

For individual visitors public guided tours are offered at the Austrian Parliament at the Hofburg. No prior appointment is necessary. The public guided tours are offered in both English and German language from Monday to Saturday at specific times.

Attending Sittings

How do Members of the National and Federal Councils work? What happens in the course of a National Council sitting? How do committees work? Visitors will get answers to these questions when they attend sittings.

The Architecture and History of the Parliament Building

The Building is home to a wealth of history, anecdotes – and a very special architecture. More

Palais Epstein

A guided tour of Palais Epstein is a short but fascinating journey through 130 years of Austria’s history. Do you want to learn why? More

Renovation of the Parliament

Significant work needs to be done to preserve the 130 years old parliament building and to ensure it can continue to serve as a modern home for Austrian parliamentarism and democracy in the 21th Century. More