The Austrian Parliament

Parliament is the very heart of any democratic system. It is to represent the interests of the greatest possible number of citizens: senior citizens, young people, women, men, employees, entrepreneurs etc. But what actually happens in Parliament? How does our political system work? A crash course on democracy in Austria.

What Is the Parliament?

The Austrian Parliament consists of two chambers – the National and Federal Councils. What are their respective responsibilities? Who are the people that work in Parliament, and how are Parliaments formed? More

Democracy and Elections

Austria is a representative democracy. What does that mean? Here is some basic information on the subject of elections – who may vote, and how do elections work? More

Parliament in the Political System

Parliament is one of the cornerstones of democracy. It is connected with the other principal elements of political life by a sophisticated system of checks and balances. All governmental power becomes effective through interacting with Parliament. More