Checks & Balances

Parliament exercises control over the Executive power in that it seeks to obtain information that is subsequently made known to the public.

Keeping the balance

Control processes are intended to have political consequences and at the same time to give voters guidance for their decisions. In parliamentary systems of government, where the government is backed by the confidence of a majority of Members of Parliament, this control is first and foremost exercised by the opposition parties. Parliamentary control should not be confused with legal control, which is exercised by higher authorities and/or the courts.

Fountain with allegories of legal and political powers

Political Control

Learn how Parliament can exercise political control over the work of the Federal Government and its members.

Präsidium mit Glocke

Legal Control

A variety of control mechanisms ensures legal compliance.

Auswahl an Eurogeldscheinen

Financial Control

The National Council approves the Federal Budget and exercises concomitant budgetary control.

Building of the Rechnungshof

Court of Audit

The Court of Audit audits the Government's financial and budget decisions.

The Ombudsman Office

The Ombudsman Board, which is an independent control body, has three members. Its task is to investigate alleged or suspected grievances and abuses on the part of the administration. It thus exercises public control in the interest of democracy and the rule of law and in so doing complements the political, legal and financial control functions.


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