Committees of the Federal Council are entrusted with preliminary deliberations on items of business. The outcome of committee deliberations forms a valuable basis for the work of the plenary.

Preliminary Deliberations in the Federal Council Committees

As is the case in the National Council, decisions in the Plenary of the Federal Council have in principle to be preceded by preliminary deliberations in a committee. This is to ensure that competent Members of the Federal Council can discuss and negotiate substantive issues in a restricted circle.

The final decision rests with the Plenary of the Federal Council, but it rarely deviates from the result achieved by the committee, since the composition of the committees in terms of parliamentary groups reflects, on a smaller scale, that of the Plenary.

Kinds of Committees

Committee Sittings Not Open to the Public

With the exception of the deliberations in the EU Committee, sittings of the Federal Council committees are not open to the public.