President & President's Conference

The Federal Provinces take turns in the chair of the Federal Council every six months.

The Presidents of the Federal Council

The Federal Provinces take turns every six months, in alphabetical order, in taking the chairmanship of the Federal Council. The chairperson, titled President, is the Member ranking first on the list of Members delegated by the Province currently in the chair.

The Federal Council elects from among its Members two deputies, who bear the title of Vice-President, and at least two secretaries and two whips. The President and the two Vice-Presidents are collectively referred to as the Presidium.

Responsibilities of the President

The President of the Federal Council represents it vis-à-vis the outside world, convenes its sittings and chairs them in rotation with the Vice-Presidents. S/he is in charge of the Rules of Procedure and enforces compliance with them and has authority over the rooms in the Parliament Building used by the Federal Council and its committees. Taking turns with the President of the National Council, s/he chairs meetings of the Federal Assembly.

The President’s Conference of the Federal Council

The President and Vice-Presidents of the Federal Council and the chairpersons of the parliamentary groups form the President’s Conference, a deliberative organ supporting the President and coordinating, first and foremost, deliberations in the Federal Council and its committees.

It also makes proposals concerning the Council’s role in promoting international relations and deliberates on other important matters affecting the “second chamber“.