Parliamentary Commission for the Federal Armed Forces

The Parliamentary Federal Armed Forces Commission of the Austrian Parliament is a democratic control body for the protection of the rights of service members.

Main Objective

The Commission receives and examines complaints from soldiers or conscripts. If the Commission suspects shortcomings or irregularities in the military, it can examine them ex officio without a complaint.

Activities and Responsibilities

The members of the Commission are appointed by the parliamentary groups of the National Council for a period of six years. Advisory bodies without voting rights are the Chief of Defense Staff, the Head of the Central Section in the Ministry of Defense, and a military medical expert.

Within the framework of the International Conference of Ombuds Institutions for the Armed Forces (ICOAF), the Federal Armed Forces Commission cooperates with partner organizations from some 40 countries. The Commission was established in 1955 as Austria's complaints body for military affairs.

The Commission's legal basis is provided by Sections 4, 21(3) and 61(36) of the 2001 Armed Forces Act and Sections 20a, 29(2)(k) and 87(4) of the National Council's Rules of Procedure Act.


Parliamentary Federal Armed Forces Commission

Roßauer Lände 1

1090 Vienna

Phone: +43 50 201-10 21 050 or +43 1 31 98 089

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