Renovation of the Austrian Parliament

Since the Austrian Parliament was built at the end of the 19th century by the plans of Theophil Hansen, the building has never undergone major renovation. Significant work needs to be done to preserve the architectural jewel and to ensure it can continue to serve as a modern home for Austrian parliamentarism and democracy in the 21st Century.

Over 130 years after the Austrian Parliament was constructed, the building shows lots of damages. The roofs are leaking, the ventilation and the electrical systems are extremely antiquated and the whole building is poorly insulated.

Conscious of the deterioration, all six Parliament parties took over responsibility and decided on a general renovation of the Parliament Building. The core decision about the extent of the renovation and the concerning costs of 352 m. € was passed in a law, which was supported by both Austrian legislative chambers in unison.

Besides the removal of building damages, the goal is to renovate sustainably by improving the functionality of the building and by repurposing unused areas. Furthermore, the whole renovation aims at making the Parliament more accessible and transparent to the public.

During the construction work, the Austrian Parliament is relocated to the grounds of the Austrian Hofburg in Vienna.

Take a peek at the first visuals of the architectural concept and get an idea of how the Austrian Parliament is going to look like in a few years.