National Council, Federal Council and Federal Assembly

The Austrian Parliament has two chambers, the National Council and the Federal Council, who jointly represent the legislative power. The Federal Assembly is composed of the 183 Members of the National Council and the 61 Members of the Federal Council. It meets every six years for the swearing-in of the Federal President.

The National Council

In principle the National Council has a legislative period of five years. Its members have a multiplicity of functions, from preparing and deliberating bills and approving state treaties to exercising control over the Federal Government. The sittings of the National Council are open to the public, which allows its 183 members to communicate their views to the citizens. More

The Federal Council

The Federal Council is the chamber which represents the interests of the nine Federal Provinces in the legislative process. The number of members representing the individual Provinces in the Federal Council depends on their respective population figures – the minimum number is three, the maximum number twelve. More

The Federal Assembly

The Federal Assembly is composed of the members of the two chambers of the Austrian Parliament – 183 members of the National Council and 61 of the Federal Council. It meets in the historic Debating Chamber of the former House of Deputies of Austria. It is before the Federal Assembly that the inauguration of newly elected or re-elected Federal Presidents takes place every six years. More