Detailed Information of Parliament and the General Public

Information on EU Projects and Directly Transmitted Documents

EU-Database and EU-Committees

Constitutional law gives the National and Federal Councils the right to be fully informed in good time by the Federal Government on all projects within the scope of the EU (EU Projects). In addition, documents (legislative proposals by the Commission etc.) are directly transmitted to the Austrian Parliament. These EU documents can be accessed in the Austrian Parliament’s EU database – to the extent that they can be made public – and are, in principle, dealt with by the EU committees of the National and Federal Councils in public sittings.

In the EU-Database-Guide you will find information about available documents and how you can search for them.

Deliberation of the EU Annual Preview 

In the interest of ensuring the earliest and most intensive possible involvement of the Austrian Parliament the deliberations of the EU Committees of the National and Federal Councils are complemented by deliberations in the respective competent committees and in plenary sittings of the National and Federal Councils. Each Federal Minister has to present an annual preview of the EU projects to be expected in his/her remit on the basis of the annual programme of work of the European Commission and the respective EU Council Presidencies. These previews are either finally disposed of by the respective competent committees or submitted to the plenary for further discussion.

Information on Significant EU Projects

In addition, the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs presents every six months advance information on particularly important EU projects.

Information in Writing on Specific EU Projects

With regard to certain EU projects special information in writing may be called for in preparation of a sitting of an EU Committee or at the request of a parliamentary group or party.

Debate on EU Matters

Four times a year the National Council plenary holds Debates on EU Matters of Topical Interest to provide information for the general public. Twice a year, in close temporal proximity to European Council meetings, members of the Federal Government make statements on subjects dealt with by the European Council.

Similarly, the Federal Council may devote Debates on Matters of Topical Interest to subjects concerning matters under discussion at EU level.

It is also possible "or outstanding personalities of European and international political life" to be invited to take part in plenaries and deliver statements on particular subjects. Lastly, all committees of the National Council and the EU Committee of the Federal Council may hold debates on EU matters of topical interest.