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17. Sitzung Ständiger Agrarforschungsausschuss am 6.2.2008 (31241/EU XXIII.GP)

  • NON: 497/08
  • 19.02.2008
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EU-Vorlage Berichte u. Beratungsergebnisse

Bundesministerium Sitzungsbericht

Bericht des Bundesministeriums für Wissenschaft und Forschung über die 17. Sitzung Ständiger Agrarforschungsausschuss vom 6.2.2008

Gruppe: Ständiger Agrarforschungsausschuss

betrifft 17. Sitzung am 06.02.2008

Eingelangt am 19.02.2008, Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung (360.039/0010-II/5/2008)

Dokument der EU-Vorlage: NON: 497/08 

Dokumente zur selben Sitzung

Datum Dok.Nr.  Art Betreff
19.02.2008 NON: 541/08 EUB 17th SCAR-Working Group meeting - 6 February 2008 - KOWI (31317/EU XXIII.GP)
19.02.2008 NON: 506/08 EUB ERA-NETs in the field of Life Sciences:
Overview of joint activities and participation (31250/EU XXIII.GP)
19.02.2008 NON: 510/08 EUB ERA-Net projects of KBBE relevance (31254/EU XXIII.GP)
19.02.2008 NON: 508/08 EUB Shared research Infrastructures: overview of the European initiatives on this issue (31252/EU XXIII.GP)
19.02.2008 NON: 507/08 EUB Proposition to set up a SCAR Collaborative Working Group (CWG) dealing with shared European infrastructures for agricultural research (31251/EU XXIII.GP)
19.02.2008 NON: 509/08 EUB First results of the ERA-Net and CWG survey regarding infrastructures carried out by SCAR in 2006 (31253/EU XXIII.GP)
19.02.2008 NON: 501/08 EUB New CWG at the interface of agriculture and energy looking at the specific research needs resulting from their interaction (31245/EU XXIII.GP)
19.02.2008 NON: 502/08 EUB A new SCAR-Collaborative Working group at the interface of agriculture and energy
Outline proposal of the German delegation (31246/EU XXIII.GP)
19.02.2008 NON: 503/08 EUB Spanish Proposal for a Collaborative Working Group on
Climate change and agriculture under the perspectives of adaptation and mitigation
Draft version (31247/EU XXIII.GP)
19.02.2008 NON: 511/08 EUB EC report outline
"Towards a coherent strategy for a European Agricultural Research Agenda" (31255/EU XXIII.GP)
19.02.2008 NON: 505/08 EUB Summary Conclusions
Update of the European Roadmap for Research Infrastructures
Inauguration of the Roadmap Working Groups (RWG)
Monday 10 September 2007, Brussels (31249/EU XXIII.GP)
19.02.2008 NON: 539/08 EUB Conclusions 17th SCAR-WG meeting 6 February 2008 - Draft Agenda 18th SCAR-WG meeting 6 March 2008 (31315/EU XXIII.GP)
19.02.2008 NON: 540/08 EUB Draft conclusions SCAR-WG meeting 6-02-08 - Draft agenda 18th SCAR-WG meeting 6-03-08 (31316/EU XXIII.GP)
19.02.2008 NON: 500/08 EUB 17th SCAR-WG meeting 6 February 2008
Draft Agenda (31244/EU XXIII.GP)
19.02.2008 NON: 504/08 EUB SCAR/EIARD/ERA-ARD Task Force
Draft Mandate (31248/EU XXIII.GP)
19.02.2008 NON: 512/08 EUB Expected participants SCAR-WG meeting 6/02/08 (31256/EU XXIII.GP)

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