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Sitzung Ausschuss Artikel 36 am 14./15.5.2008 (38593/EU XXIII.GP)

  • RAT: 9136/08
  • 05.06.2008
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EU-Vorlage Tagesordnung

Rat Änderung der Tagesordnung

Sitzung Ausschuss Artikel 36 am 14./15.5.2008

Gruppe: Ausschuss Artikel 36

Sitzungen am 14.05.2008 und 15.05.2008

Eingelangt am 05.06.2008, Bundesministerium für Inneres (LR2210/0210-I/7/2008)

Dokument der EU-Vorlage: RAT: 9136/08 REV 1 

Dokumente zur selben Sitzung

Referenzierte Dokumente der Tagesordnung

Dok.Nr.  Betreff
RAT: 6750/08 Strengthening of the EU Lead Nations Liaison Officers network in the Western Balkans (32339/EU XXIII.GP)
RAT: 7381/08  
RAT: 7821/08 Draft Council conclusions on possible cooperation mechanisms between ESDP Missions and Europol as regards mutual exchange of information (37899/EU XXIII.GP)
RAT: 8102/08 State of play of implementation by MS and EU bodies of EU priorities for the fight against organised crime based on the OCTA 2007 (37918/EU XXIII.GP)
RAT: 8103/08 Outcome of the conference Strengthening the cooperation in the fight against serious crime - Contribution of regional OCTAs to security in Europe, Vienna, 26-27 March 2008 (37921/EU XXIII.GP)
RAT: 8104/08 Draft Council conclusions on the assistance to produce a common threat assessment on organised crime for South East European region (37924/EU XXIII.GP)
RAT: 8216/08 European handbook on how to issue a European Arrest Warrant form (38582/EU XXIII.GP)
RAT: 8284/08 Action Plan to implement the Strategy for Customs Co-operation in the Third Pillar (1.7.2008 - 31.12.2009) (35517/EU XXIII.GP)
RAT: 8573/08 Conclusions of the meeting of Liaison Officers held in Moscow on 7 April 2008, including a meeting with Russian law enforcement authorities (38561/EU XXIII.GP)
RAT: 8638/08 Outcome of the meeting of the eighth EU-Russia Permanent Partnership Council (Justice and Home Affairs) in St Petersburg on 24 and 25 April 2008 (38585/EU XXIII.GP)
RAT: 8731/08 Proposal for a Council Regulation setting-up a Community regime for the control of exports of dual-use items and technology
- Re-consultation of the Working Party on Substantive Criminal Law for an opinion on the new drafting of Article 15(2) (35885/EU XXIII.GP)
RAT: 8815/08 European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN)
- Annual report 2007 (38563/EU XXIII.GP)
RAT: 8816/08 Entwurf von Schlussfolgerungen des Rates zum Jahresbericht 2007 des Europäischen Netzes für Kriminalprävention (ENKP) (38564/EU XXIII.GP)
RAT: 8827/08 Second report on the state of implementation by Member States and EU bodies of Action-Oriented Paper on Improving Cooperation on Organised Crime, Corruption, Illegal Immigration and Counter-terrorism, between the EU, the Western Balkans and relevant... (38568/EU XXIII.GP)
RAT: 9071/08 Outcome of proceedings of Working Party on Cooperation in Criminal Matters (Experts on the European Arrest Warrant) of 30 April 2008 (38590/EU XXIII.GP)
RAT: 9086/08 Eurojust contribution regarding Eurojust-Europol co-operation and exchange of information (38591/EU XXIII.GP)
RAT: 9114/08 Draft Council Decision on the strengthening of Eurojust amending Council Decision 2002/187/JHA of 28 February 2002, as amended by Council Decision 2003/659/JHA setting up Eurojust with a view to reinforcing the fight against serious crime (38592/EU XXIII.GP)
RAT: 9138/08 Draft Council Conclusions on the further development of the SECI Center (38594/EU XXIII.GP)
RAT: 9188/08 Europol-Eurojust Cooperation and exchange of information
Note from Austrian Delegation (38595/EU XXIII.GP)
RAT: 9198/08 Eurojust contribution regarding the Eurojust-Europol cooperation and exchange of information (38596/EU XXIII.GP)
RAT: 9221/08 Freigabe der Anlage 4 des SIRENE-Handbuch (37105/EU XXIII.GP)
RAT: 9268/08 SIS II - Report on the development of the SIS II project (38599/EU XXIII.GP)

Sachgebiete des Rates

Code Sachgebiet
OJ CATS 4 CATS (Tagesordnung)
COMIX 359 Gemischter Ausschuss EU/Island/Norwegen

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