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Lebensmittel für Säuglinge und Kleinkinder/Lebensmittel für besondere medizinische Zwecke (54905/EU XXIV.GP)

  • COM: SEK (2011) 762 PUBLIC
  • 24.06.2011
  • englisch


EU-Vorlage Berichte u. Beratungsergebnisse

Kommission Arbeitsunterlage/Dokument der Kommissionsdienststellen

Commission Staff Working Paper
Impact Assessment
Accompanying the document
Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on food intended for infants and young children and on food for special medical purposes
[Previously known as the Impact Assessment accompanying document to the Proposal to revise the Dietetic Food Framework Legislation]
This document commits only the Commission's services involved in its preparation and does not prejudge the final form of any decision to be taken by the Commission

Eingelangt am 24.06.2011, Europäische Kommission - Österr. Parlament

Dokument der EU-Vorlage: COM: SEK (2011) 762 endg. / PDF, 1291 KB

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