Participation in EU matters

Individual member states have many options and levers to actively participate in EU matters.

Co-determination and Participation Regarding EU Legislation

In the course of Austria's accession to the EU, Parliament's jurisdiction to legislate in certain policy areas was restricted. This is also referred to as the transfer of "sovereignty rights" to the EU.

This means that in many areas, the national Parliament alone can no longer decide, but the European Parliament and the Council of the EU, as European legislators, adopt rules that bind all EU Member States (for more details, see Legislation in the EU). However, the Austrian Parliament still has a wide range of opportunities to participate.

EU Regulations and EU Directives

EU regulations take effect immediately, without national implementation, in all EU Member States. In contrast, EU directives must be implemented by national laws, leaving the individual Member States to determine the concrete form of the EU requirements. In this way, directives provide the framework for content, with Parliament's involvement happening only later, without being able to influence the adoption of the directive itself.

Participation possibilities

The Subsidiarity Check

The Subsidiarity Action

Participation in Revisions to the EU Treaties

The European Union was founded by international Treaties between its Member States. These Treaties have been repeatedly amended and adapted to new circumstances. Such changes to the Treaty foundations of the European Union can also take place in the future if the EU institutions and the Member States deem it necessary.

An extensive revision of the EU Treaties took place through the Treaty of Lisbon, which entered into force on December 1, 2009. One of the many changes also concerns the Treaty amendment procedure itself. Now a distinction is made between

  • ordinary revision procedures and
  • simplified revision procedures.

Participation in the Ordinary Treaty Revision Procedure

Participation in the Simplified Treaty Revision Procedure