in situ - permanent installations

Inspiring democratic conversation and work through art

The art and culture program in the Parliament was expanded with new installations and artworks on site. A number of in-situ works were integrated and implemented in the course of the renovation project. They open up new perspectives in the interplay between architecture and contemporary art.

Art focus

The project "Art in Parliament" promotes the existing art focus of the Parliament and further expands measures in place: Permanent in-situ artworks by Peter Kogler, Esther Stocker, Peter Sandbichler, Lea Sonderegger, Brigitte Kowanz, Eva Schlegel, Constantin Luser, Heimo Zobernig and Martina Steckholzer were installed as part of the renovation.

These central art projects are a statement in the field of art and architecture, whose implementation on this scale was possible only in the course of the renovation project. Hans-Peter Wipplinger, Director of Vienna's Leopold Museum, was appointed as Parliament's curator.

On site

The Austrian Parliament features more than a dozen permanet art works and installations by contemporary artists. Throughout the premises, the works encourage and inspire dialogue about democracy and political conversation.

Visitors can view and experience the installations during a guided Architectural Tour of Parliament.


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