The website Demokratiewebstatt brings democracy education to children across Austria - no matter where in the country they live.

Web Portal

The website Demokratiewebstatt, the Parliament's web portal for young people, presents age-appropriate information concerning the Parliament's functions and procedures.

Visitors will find interactive elements such as quiz questions, a virtual tour, or the law generator. A Democracy Lexicon explains parliamentary concepts in an easy-to-understand way.

These features are intended to invite young people 8 years and older to take a closer look at democracy and parliamentarianism.

Regular chats with politicians are offered. They provide an opportunity for school classes from all over Austria to express their opinions and to address questions directly to Members of Parliament.

Media contributions produced by participants of the Democracy Workshop (podcast, newspaper and film) are published at (in German) and can be accessed there.

The DemokratieWEBstatt also offers free educational material and worksheets for teachers and educators.