Summary of discussions (104641/EU XXIV.GP)

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EU-V: U32 Offizielles Ratsdokument

Summary of discussions

Gruppe: Gruppe "Zusammenarbeit im Zollwesen"

betrifft Sitzung am 16.01.2013

Erstellt am 25.01.2013

Eingelangt am 28.01.2013, U32 Übermittlung

Datum Dok.Nr.
Art Betreff
07.01.2013 RAT: CM 5905/12 EUTO
Customs Cooperation Working Party (Experts and Plenary) Date: 16-17 January 2013 (10.00) Venue: COUNCIL JUSTUS LIPSIUS BUILDING Rue de la Loi 175, 1048 BRUSSELS (102961/EU XXIV.GP)
09.01.2013 RAT: 5093/13 EUST
Proposal by the Presidency on a review of the Project Group Guidelines (103068/EU XXIV.GP)
09.01.2013 RAT: 5080/13 EUST
The 6th Action Plan (January 2013 – December 2013) - Commencement of Actions (103073/EU XXIV.GP)
09.01.2013 RAT: 5078/13 EUST
Identification of learning points arising from operations outside of the direct auspices of the Customs Cooperation Working Party (103069/EU XXIV.GP)
11.01.2013 RAT: 5208/13 EUST
Threat assessment on air transit passengers – Mandate for the project group (103303/EU XXIV.GP)
14.01.2013 RAT: 5100/13 EUST
Paper on a permanent structure for JCOs - Response of CCWP to discussion initiated by OLAF (103471/EU XXIV.GP)
21.11.2018 RAT: 5194/13 EUST
Overview of Joint Customs Operations and other operations/DELASSIFICATION (43709/EU XXVI.GP)
Code Sachgebiet
ENFOCUSTOM 13 Strafverfolgung/Zollwesen