The Interior

The wealth of architectural features and the rich artistic details and perspectives of the Parliament Building make quite a few viewers forget for a moment that it is actually the place where the laws for all of Austria are made.

One of the many tasks of the Parliamentary Administration, and certainly not an insignificant one, is to confront the challenge of having to adapt, with great sensitivity and care, the historic building to the needs of a modern Parliament where serious work is done. More

The Exterior

Not only the interior of the building is particularly rich in artistic detail. The generous proportions and architectural features of its exterior also attract the attention and interest of visitors. It reflects the views of Architect Theophil Hansen, who saw the parliaments of his day and age as “new monuments“ which should capture the attention of the peoples much in the same way as the temples of Antiquity and the cathedrals of the Middle Ages had done in the past. More