Demokratikum - Experience Parliament

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General information for visitors

The visitor center "Demokratikum - Experience Parliament" is open weekdays from 8am to 7pm CET and Saturdays from 9am to 5pm CET. We recommend that all visitors wishing to visit the parliament building register in advance.


Phone: +43 1 401 10-2400

About the Demokratikum

Located directly under the Colonnaded Hall on an area of 1,500 m2, the visitor center "Demokratikum – Experience Parliament" welcomes visitors to learn about parliamentarism and explore the rich history of the Austrian Parliament.

Addressing visitors of all ages and educational levels - from elementary school children to students and families to senior citizens, the Demokratikum - Experience Parliament appeals to those interested in politics, history and architecture, as well as people looking to immerse themselves in these topics through an experience-oriented approach.

27 interactive media stations in present the Parliament and its processes in a factual and understandable way. All of the content is offered in German and English.

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Tour offers

Highlights for Visitors

No matter your age or interests, we've got something for you! See what's going on in the Parliament.

Youth & Parliament

Youth & Parliament

Democracy starts young. Discover educational programming for children and youth.

Parliamentary Library & Archives

Parliamentary Library & Archives

Visit and explore the collections of the Parliamentary Library and Archives.

The Parliament Building

The Parliament Building

Learn about the unique building envisioned by architect Theophil Hansen, its rich history and architecture.

Art in Parliament

Art in Parliament

Austria's Parliament is home to a variety of temporary and permanent art pieces from presidential portraits to commissioned artworks created for the space.

Press & Media

Press & Media

Journalists and reporters can find relevant information on our dedicated Press & Media page.

Exhibition Design

The exhibition spaces of the Demokratikum – Experience Parliament were developed by the Parliamentary Administration and Atelier Brückner.