Please note that all visitors must be registered before visiting the Austrian Parliament.

Entry Rules

  • If you wish to visit the Parliament Building, registration is strongly recommended. You can register using the form below before your visit.
  • Children under the age of 14 who are accompanied by an adult do not need to register.
  • After completing your registration, you will receive confirmation, including a QR code, at the email address you provided. Please bring the confirmation (print-out or electronic copy) as well as a photo ID for your visit. 
  • As an alternative to registration, admission is also possible by leaving an official photo ID at the desk in the entrance area. Please note that this may result in longer waiting times. 
  • In any case, please bring your official photo ID with you.
  • Before you enter the Parliament Building, security checks will take place - depending on the reason for your visit (ID check, scanner lanes for persons and containers). Please note the list of items that you are not allowed to bring into the Parliament Building.
  • During your visit, you must comply with the rules for the Parliament Building (in German).

Opening hours

Information on guided tours and restaurant visits

  • Guided tours: If you would like to take part in a free guided tour, please book it directly via the appointment calendar (in German). No further registration is necessary after that.
  • "Restaurant KELSEN": Please first reserve your table on the KELSEN website before you register via the form below.

What items are prohibited in the Parliament Building?

The entrance to the Parliament passes through a security check. The check is carried out by means of metal detector arcs and scanner lanes. Therefore, please anticipate waiting times.

In principle, no objects may be taken into Parliament that could pose a risk to physical integrity or disturb the peace and order or dignity of parliamentary bodies. In particular, these include the following objects:

  • Weapons of all kinds (firearms, slashing and stabbing weapons) as well as objects with weapon-like effects (e.g. knives, scissors over 8cm, iron bars, chains)
  • Long sticks (with the exception of canes for the blind and walking aids for physically-impaired persons)
  • Stick umbrellas
  • Stones
  • Pyrotechnic articles
  • Bicycles, pedal scooters, and electric scooters
  • Ladders and folding chairs
  • Large pieces of luggage (storage is unfortunately not possible on site due to lack of space)
  • Glass bottles from 330 ml and plastic bottles or metal bottles from 500 ml
  • Camera tripods from 30 cm
  • Animals (with the exception of assistance animals)

Highlights for Visitors

No matter your age or interests, we've got something for you! See what's going on in the Parliament.

Elementary school group with tour guide at the Demokratikum Experience Parliament

Youth & Parliament

Democracy starts young. Discover educational programming for children and youth.

Bookshelves at the library

Parliamentary Library & Archives

Visit and explore the collections of the Parliamentary Library and Archives.

Fassade des Parlamentsgebäudes

The Parliament Building

Learn about the unique building envisioned by architect Theophil Hansen, its rich history and architecture.

Aufbau der Kunstinstallation von Eva Schlegel

Art in Parliament

Austria's Parliament is home to a variety of temporary and permanent art pieces from presidential portraits to commissioned artworks created for the space.

Camera person at work in the Demokratikum Experience Parliament

Press & Media

Journalists and reporters can find relevant information on our dedicated Press & Media page.