In addition to the numerous bilateral and multilateral meetings and interparliamentary gatherings, cooperation offers an important platform for in-depth exchange between parliaments.

What is parliamentary cooperation?

The aim of parliamentary cooperation is to deepen colla­boration along selected thematic and geo­graphical focal points. Positioning the Austrian Parliament inter­nationally, promoting exchange, and building an appropriate net­work are the goals of parliamentary cooperation.

Democracy education and capacity building are emphasized. Focus is on parliamentary issues such as the rule of law and the functioning or strengthening of democratic institutions. This takes place in a variety of ways:

  • within the frame­work of multi‑year projects and regularly‑offered programs
  • selective study visits
  • delegation visits
  • work place­ments
  • (virtual) exchange of know-how

In this way, very concrete issues can be addressed at the political and administrative levels; as an important element of parliamentary diplomacy, an exchange with visible results can be achieved. Another facet in the development of cooperation projects is collaboration with inter­national partners and institutions.

Western Balkans

The Western Balkans region (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Monte­negro, North Macedonia, Serbia) is a foreign policy focus of the Austrian Parliament's activities. This focus manifests itself in several projects in the fields of capacity building and demo­cracy education. 


North Africa & Middle East

The Austrian Parliament is in political and administrative exchange with the Israeli Knesset and the Moroccan Parliament. Austrian officials are in regular dialogue with both administrations, which should contribute to a better understanding of the respective societies. 

The Austrian Parliament has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with both countries, which is intended to strengthen further bilateral relations.


Democracy Workshop International

The Democracy Workshop is not only a successful institution of the Austrian Parliament but also an attractive "export model." It contributes to the strengthening of democracy education in the countries of the Western Balkans and to the deepening of further international cooperation with other parliaments.



IPEX stands for "Interparliamentary EU Information Exchange". It is an information exchange initiative on the EU-level, using an internet platform for the rapid exchange of information in EU matters between national parliaments.