Youth & Parliament

Through a range of age-appropriate offers, we're educating the voters of tomorrow.

Demokratikum - Experience Parliament

Aimed at all age groups, the Demokratikum also introduces children to democratic political topics. As such, most of the topics are tailored to kids. For example, they can explore aspects of the history of democracy in a hidden object picture, test their knowledge at a quiz table, or plan the daily routine of politicians in a digital game.

Parlamentsdirektor Harald Dossi begrüßt die teilnehmenden Lehrlinge

Apprentices Forum

Parliamentary participation for young people in vocational training

Blick Richtung VeranstaltungsteilnehmerInnen

Youth Parliament & Apprentices' Parliament

Parliamentary participation for highschool students

Nationalsratspräsidentin Doris Bures (S) ibegrüßt Schülerinnen der Berufsschule für Handel und Reisen

Democracy in Motion

Can't come to Parliament? We'll come to you!